Workshop – 16.04.2016: creams, scrubs und masks workshop – create your own cosmetics deposit:


Total price for the workshop: 126, Duration: 6 hours The deposit payment for the workshop is 63, The remaining amount is due at the beginning of the workshop! All workshops will be held in our Sevie natural skincare Manufakur & Shop in 1070 Vienna, Burggasse 128. Always on Saturdays from 10 am to about 16pm

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After the cold winter it is time to dust your skin and hair again!

Nutritious creams, gentle body scrubs and rejuvenating masks, detoxify the body and bring fresh wind in our immune system. The skin can regenerate and we support them with personally tailored to your needs cosmetics.

In our workshop, you find out what you should look at on good toiletries and what to consider when creating your personal cosmetics for your own skin.

For our spring beauty workshop, we have planned the following products:

  1. easy body lotion – for your personal needs
  2. norishing night cream
  3. moisturizing serum with aloe vera and silica
  4. gentle body scrub with sea salt and coffe for the whole body
  5. facial mask with prickly pear and raspberries
  6. deodorant – as rollon, healthy and effective

In our workshop, under the close supervision of a trained cosmetic producer, you design and create cosmetic products according to your personal needs and desires, which you then of course take home.

Date: Saturday 16th of April 2016
Time: 10am – 16pm
Costs: € 126,-
included are: drinks, scrips & recipes, all the needed raw material for creams, the jars and of course your ready made, personal products.

For a fixed place in our spring cosmetics workshop, we would ask you to make a timely deposit, as the space in our place is limited.


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