pure sevie – shampoo bar for oily to normal hair


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Shampoo Bar for light oily to normal hair. With cocoa butter and raw cacao. Makes the hair soft and silky. A bar extends approximately for 30 – 50 applications.

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As our shampoo paste this kind of shampoo for slightly greasy to normal hair, is a bit different from what you know – it is a solid shampoo bar. For we have omitted the water in our shampoo again!

This solid shampoo bar cleans your hair and makes it soft and silky.
The subtle scent of chocolate comes from the combination of cocoa butter and raw cocoa, which are contained in high concentration. Raw cocoa is very rich in magnesium, calcium, and many other ingredients, that provide your cells with important antioxidants and support the forwarding of muscle and nerve signals and reduce blood pressure.
In addition, cocoa supports the production of various hormones of happiness!

Jojoba and broccoli seed oil keep the hair texture soft and supple.
Aloe vera provides extra moisture and helps to disinfect the scalp.

Directions: wet hair thoroughly – it have to be really wet! Now, take your shampoo bar in your hand and coat 3-5 times with the large side of the bar directly on to your wet hair.
Leave the shampoo bar again in a dry soap dish – the bar should not be wet!

Now you can start massage the hair and scalp, as you would do with a normal shampoo. The ingredients of the shampoo bar begin to foam and wash your hair just as you are used to it, with other products.

Only the end result is better!

The save our environment we have wrapped the shampoo bar in a paper bag.

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