pure sevie – moisture powder mask with lavender and banana


Content: 33g – sufficient for 7-8 applications The Lavender banana facial mask contains violet clay which is particularly rich in silica. Lavender is calming and banana powder moisturizes your skin intensively.

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Our moisture mask has the wonderful smell of dried lavender flowers.
The purple clay is rich in silica. It cleans, nourishes and revitalizes perfectly, normal and sensitive skin. Soothes itching skin, remineralize, eliminates fatigue, absorbs toxins in the tissue and increases the elasticity of the skin.
The contained banana powder has balancing mucilage that hold moisture particularly well in the skin. In addition it is particularly rich in vitamin B and therefore is ensuring the additional beauty kick.

We recommend to gently stir the powder in the ratio 1: 1 with water, hydrosol, oil or yogurt. Then you always have a absolutely fresh product for your skin!
A glass of our mask powder is enough for about 7 applications.

Face masks clean and revitalize the skin very well. We recommend rather to use face masks than mechanical peeling because by the enzymes of the fruit acids, they absorb dead skin while you remove/wash the mask from your skin, the surface remains intact.
Our moisture mask hydrates and leaves your skin silky smooth!

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