pure sevie – cleansing milk with macadamia and white clay


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Content: 85ml light foaming detergent, for blemished, mature and dry skin. Cleaning and care with a gentle peeling effect for every day. Rich in nutrients.

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The gentle cleansing milk of sevie natural skincare combines cleaning and optimal care for dry, delicate and sensitive skin.

The cleansing milk glides smoothly over your skin and removes thereby impurities and makeup residues. Your formula contains camelina oil, coconut oil, macadamianut oil and castor oil which nourish your skin and provide them with all the  important vitamins.

Aloe vera provides your skin with an extra shot of moisture. White Clay cleanses the skin very gently in which they, dirt particles and dry skin cells removed by the light peeling effect.

Our detergent leaves a soft, crisp skin and provides with regular use for a smooth, even complexion.

Apply a small amount of washing milk on your wet face. Through circular movements to a light foam, the dirt and makeup residues developed away and the pores cleans thoroughly. Than wash your face with warm water (with enlarged pores, it is recommended to use cold water) and dry the face with a soft towel.

You will feel the difference already directly after the washing your face with our cleansing milk. You will notice how softened and supple your skin feels by gentle exfoliation and the valuable oils.

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