pure sevie – cleansing foam with lavender herbal water & apricot pith oil


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A cleansing skin foam dream.

Contains lavender blossom water, aloe vera, apricot pith oil. 

Cleansing and refreshening effect for tired skin.

Contains no alcohol. The ingredient “Benzyl Alcohol” is an emulgator made of plants. 

How to use it:

Moisture your skin with lukewarm water. Pump once or twice the foam on your palm. The foam is ready to use on your skin. With circeling movements apply the foam on your wet face. Rinse with lots of lukewarm water.

The cleansing foam is a very light and easy way to clean your skin and especially its pores. The apricot pith oil nurtures the skin effectively with important organic acids and vitamins.

The essential palamrosa oils can be smelled and spread their unmistakable sweet odeur. This oil is made of an Indian sweet grass and harmonises body and soul. It is skin compatible and is effectively used against fungus and bacterias. 

Recommended for sensitive, dry skin but can also be used by other skin types as well. 

Sevie natural skincare
– inspired by pure nature –

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