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Unsere unbeduftete Bio-Körperbutter, bestehend aus besten, kaltgepressten Rohstoffen aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau. Sie enthält Mandelöl, Kokosöl, Sheabutter und Kakaobutter. Für jeden Hauttyp, jedes Alter, auch optimal während der Schwangerschaft und für Baby’s geeignet. Ohne Wasser, Duft- und Konservierungsstoffe.

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The unscented organic body butter creme melts gently on your skin. 

This product contains organic almond oil, organic cocnut oil and herbal Vitamin E.

It cares intensively due to its high concentration of organic oils and butter. 

All products were mixed under 40 degrees. 

Made without water, contains no preservative.

The unscented organic body butter is like pure butter, melts on the skin while your skin becomes soft, gentle and elastic. 

Soothes especially dry and irritated skin or to prevent plus treat pregnancy belly lines while and after pregnancy.

How to use: 

You need a tiny amount, put it on your skin and let it melt. The oils nourrish the dry skinespecially in winter time. Use also on dry body skin after every shower.

Storage must be cool and dry otherwise the creme might melt. The creme isn’t produced in summer. 

Vegan but should not to be eaten.

Sevie natural skincare
– inspired by pure nature –

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