doggy style – organic parasite soap “silky fur” available for small or large dogss


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With this wonderful soap no problem. Take them with you on holiday and on holiday. The dog skin is soft and shines wonderfully silky. The essential oils blend helps degenous parasites and vermin.

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Organic soap for your furry friend

We added one more item to the DOGGY STYLE product range. An organic, vegan soap against parasites created with the finest organic and herbal oils.

These oils keep the skin and fur of your dog soft and flexible. The secret essential oil mixture based on a traditional TCM recipe is fighting parasites. Thensopa contains also organic Neem oil.

We have made a soap block because it is easy to transport, does not have an expiration date and can be exactly dosed. Besides that one doesn’t need packaging – so no extra packaging for the waste.

We offer two sizes:
* for large dogs a 120gr bar
* for small dogs a 30gr bar ( makes a great gift!)

How to use it:

The fur of the dog needs to be wet. Apply the soap properly and with soft pressure and circle movements on the fur. Massage it well – your dog will enjoy this extra wellness treatment!
Then rinse the fur of your dog well till all the sopa is gone.
Dry off your dog with a towel.
If your dog has curly hair , brush him once more when semi dry.

Quality criteria:

The quality certificate for the dog products have the same high quality and products standards as used for the human products.

All used ingredients are vegan.
All components, hyrdolats, nurturing and herbal oils are organic.

Why this is so important to us.

Advantages of raw materials from organic farming:

  • the highest possible quality is guaranteed by controlled standards
  • conserves our soils, our groundwater and our climate
  • is subject to the ban on genetic engineering
  • keeps our soil healthy by fertilization with organic agents
  • completely prohibits the use of chemical and synthetic plant protection products

Why should our lovely dogs not only get the very best?
Who loves high-quality products, should also give his dog only the best.
(Quite apart from the fact that we always have it on our hands when applying it!)

Sevie natural skincare – doggystyle
– inspired by pure nature –

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