Masculum beard oil – with woody – tangy scent


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Content: 50ml in glass pot with pump.
Our Bart oil contains only the finest vegetable organic oils, so that the hairs remain soft and clean. The wonderful herb-woody fragrance of the essential oils mixture talking women particularly, we have experienced!

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Who wears a beard, need to take care of it…
Our Beard Oil contains only the finest nourishing oils, so that the hairs remain soft and clean.
Our ingredients: Jojoba oil is the skin care oil number 1! It protects the hair follicle from damage and repairs dry and truncated hair. Argan oil contains many antioxidants and is a true anti-aging miracle. Almond oil nourishes the skin with moisture and shine. Apricot kernel oil helps especially in sensitive and stressed skin. Grape seed oil is a skin-smoothing and healing properties. Shea butter makes the hair soft and shiny especially. Vitamin E strengthens the hair.
Over 99% of the ingredients come from organic farming.
Our woody-tart blend of essential oils helps to reduce itching and skin irritation at. In addition, the fragrance leaves a lasting impression.
Daily a few drops of oil in the hands, rub and rub well into his beard. You are a real change in texture and remarkable feeling in your beard!
Not tested on animals, only on beards and women. 100% herbal ingredients (no additives and preservatives).
Recommendation: Clean your beard at least once a week with our Bart & Shaving. It contains high quality oils and red clay, remove the Schmutzpartickel effective.

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