argan love – energy powder maskwith rose petals and strawberry


Content: 33g – sufficient for 7-8 applications The wonderful fragrance of ripe strawberries and roses will flow immediately into your nose. The vitamins of strawberry and rose are very suitable for mature and/or colorless skin. A revitalizing anti-aging mask.

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Our argan love – energy mask contains rose petals and pink clay, wich energyze, cleans, disinfects and makes the skin very soft. Particularly suitable for sensitive and mature skin. Strawberry powder refreshes the skin and creates a wonderfully healthy complexion. It is rich in vitamins a & c, natural minerals and trace elements that stimulate the metabolism of the skin.

Face masks can clean and revitalize the skin intensively. We recommend rather to use face masks than mechanical peels. The enzymes of fruit acids gently wash away dead skin cells and leave the skin surface intact. Our masks moisturize and make your skin silky smooth!

We recommend to gently stir the energy mask powder in the ratio 1:1 with water, hydrosol, oil or yogurt (for vegans, soy yogurt). Then you always have an entirely fresh product for the skin!

A glass is enough for about 7 applications. The powder hold up to 9 months in unopened glass!

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